Left 4 Dead Hack

Posted on 11:25 AM by MW2Hacker

F1= First Aid Kit
F2= Oxigentank\Gascan\Propanetank
F3=Pain Pills
F7=Hunting Rifle
F8=Pipe Bomb

Travian BOT / HACK

Posted on 2:07 AM by MW2Hacker

3.2 Version of Travian Bot. All working. Good luck botting!

Mafia Wars Money and Stats Cheats

Posted on 3:09 PM by MW2Hacker

Change money
Change Stats

Premium Combat Arms Hack

Posted on 10:16 PM by MW2Hacker

**dl link updated**

Atention. This is premium Combat Arms Hack. It is undetected.

(This hack will be updated with new features each month):
Our de.bug Combat Arms Hack is the #1 rated Comat Arms Hack in the world! The hack has over 20 unique features including glitch key, ghost mode, teleport kill and more. Check out our feature list and beat every other player using our Combat Arms Hack.

Game Modes

  • Works in ALL Game Modes

  • Perfect Aimbot - Never miss a shot again
  • Instant Reload - Gun is fully reloaded all the time
  • Body Aim - Aim at Head, Chest or Nuts
  • Aim Speed - Adjust the speed at which you aim
  • Aim Key - Set the aimbot to only activate by a key
  • Aim FOV - Set the field of view of the aimbot
  • Targeting Mode - Aim at the closest target by distance or crosshair
  • Bone Scan - Allows the aimbot to scan an enemy for a visible body part
  • Stick to target - Allows you to track an enemy behind walls and obstacles
  • Auto Switch Targets - Automatically targets a new enemy when possible

  • Name ESP - Show player names
  • Distance ESP - Show player distance
  • Bounding Box - Draws a box around players
  • Customizable Boxes - Change the width, and thickness of bounding boxes
  • Fade Name tags - Fade distant name tags to prevent screen clutter
  • Visible Chams - Changes colors when a player is visible
  • Adjustable Nade Sphere - Show a sphere around explosives, adjust the size yourself

  • Wallhack - Draw players through walls
  • Chams - Player changes color when visible or behind a wall

  • No Spread - Remove your weapon spread
  • No Fog - All fog removed from the maps
  • OPK - Move all the enemies to your current position
  • Ghost/Fly - Allows you to fly through any wall, object, etc. ingame
  • Tele-Kill - Teleport to any enemy and follow them or kill them instantly
  • Show FPS - Displays the current frames per second on screen
  • Show Time - Displays the current time on screen

  • Ingame Menu - Edit all your settings on the fly
  • Config Tool - Custom tool allowing you to edit your binds and colors
  • Undetected - 100% undetected by HackShield
  • Loader Based - Full custom loader that auto-updates
Scanned with AVG - clean

Battlefield 2 Hacks

Posted on 10:29 PM by MW2Hacker

Hack status: undetected.


  • Press And Hold Key (on/off)
  • Refresh Delay (customizable)
  • TV Guided Missile Compatible
  • Visibility Checks
  • .203 Compatibility
  • Land Vehicle Compatibility
  • Smooth Aim
  • Intelligent Aiming
  • Auto Bone Switching
  • Full Ballistics Calculation
  • Smart AI
  • 99% Precision and Control
  • Infantry Only (on/off)
  • Aim Team (enemy/friendly/both)
  • Auto Switch Target (on/off)
  • Target Lock (on/off)
  • Customizable Knife Aim Distance
  • Customizable Max Aim Distance
  • Customizable Danger Area Distance
  • Customizable AimFOV
  • Primary Bone (select from over 50 bones)
  • Secondary Bone (select from over 50 bones)

  • Name
  • Distance
  • Position
  • Class
  • Vehicle
  • Vehicle Type
  • Weapons
  • Full Health Bar
  • Advanced ESP

  • Bounding Box
  • Head Box
  • Stomach Box

  • Vehicle
  • Supply
  • Artillery

Priority System:
  • Distance (closest)
  • Health (lowest)
  • Position
  • AimFOV

Complete Scan System:
  • Configure your settings for each and every class

  • Minimap
  • Enemy Mines
  • Weapon Unlocks
  • Desert Effect
  • View Distance
  • Wireframe
  • Zoom; up to 100x, fully configurable

  • 2 Custom Crosshairs
  • Configurable RGB Colors
  • Configurable Size
  • Configurable Spread
  • Configurable Rotation (coming soon)

  • Fog
  • Sky
  • Water
  • Sniper Overlay
  • Tank Overlay
  • TV Static
  • Flash
  • Smoke
  • Shellshock
  • Post Production

  • Player
  • Weapons
  • Commander Assets
  • Grenade
  • Mines

  • Player
  • Commander Assets
  • ASUS

  • Force Commander
  • Force Squad Leader
  • Squad Jumping
  • Unlimited Supplies
  • Unlimited Vehicles
  • Unlimited Artillery Drops
  • Switch Teams
  • Resign Team Commander
  • Resign Enemy Commander
  • Mutiny Team Commander

  • Time
  • FPS
  • Your Player Info
  • Target Player Info
  • 2D Radar

  • Save; save your favorite settings
  • Load; load your settings

  • ReConstructable; remake your menu to fit your needs
  • ReConfigurable; change the colors of anything you like in the menu

  • Claen Screenshots
  • 3-Leveled Hardware Spoofer
  • Dual Protection System
  • Advanced Warning System
  • FPSCheats Streamer Gateway
scanned with AVG - clean

Premium Aion Bot

Posted on 2:51 PM by MW2Hacker

Hack status: Undetected

This is premium Aion bot.

Installation and Configuration:

Installation is Easy

The Installer makes the installing process a breeze. Double click on the Installer icon, next > next > next and it's done!

Aion Bot Configuration

All you need to do is make sure your hotbar is setup correctly. For instance, Bandage is set to 0 hotkey, (pickup item is 9), just make sure to follow instructions. Nothing complicated! You will receive instructions with the Aion Bot concerning the configuration.

GameGuard - Aion's 'Warden'

The program is 100% undectable by the GameGuard. The program and AddOn does not use any memory information or inject anything into the game. Aion Online cannot detect you are botting!

Scanned with AVG - clean

CrossFire Hack

Posted on 2:36 PM by MW2Hacker

Hack status: Undetected

- Player Chams (100% working)
- FullBright (100% working)

- Player wireframe (100% working)
- Player wallhack (100% working)
- Player boxes (100% working)
- Player skeleton (100% working)
- No sky (100% working)
- Playr name ESP (100% working)
- Player health ESP (100% working)
- No recoil and No spread (100% working)
- Aimbot (100% working)
Scanned with AVG - clean